Monday, October 03, 2005

September totals

Let's perform the ritual of looking back at last month to see where we are, before we attempt to figure out where we're going from here:

Swim: 8947 yards (5.1 miles, 8.1 km). Goal: 5280 yards (169%), grade A+.
Bike: 145 miles (233 km). Goal: 120 miles (120%), grade A+.
Run: 94 miles (151 km). Goal: 80 miles (117%), grade A+.
Crunches: 1110. Goal: 1000 (111%), grade A+.
Events: Goal of completing 1 metric century, DNF at mile 52 (83%), grade C.

All in all, a solid month of training, grade A. My goals were reasonably moderate with no big events this month, so hitting them didn't really exhaust me. I did have to pay attention to doing some training nearly every day, though.

I didn't include getting in the long pre-marathon training runs as a goal, and perhaps I should have. The monthly total running mileage is pretty good for me, though, and I'm hoping that base will carry me through the Baltimore Marathon this month.

I'll take some time and think about my October goals before I post them. They will focus on finishing a marathon this month as a prep race for the NY City Marathon in November, while still paying some attention to working on my swimming and cycling and core strength.


Mica said...

Great job! You are so consistent.

nancytoby said...

Not at all! My July totals sucked:, as did most months before that!

Two pretty solid months are under my belt, though. I'm happy with that!!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Impressive month, Nancy!

And hey, and 84% is a B in my book ;)

Nonetheless, looks like you have a great running base to build on for the upcoming marathons.

nancytoby said...

My students always said I was a hard grader. :-)

Actually, it's the DNF part I downgraded myself on. The mileage was fine. I don't like to DNF!!!

Comm's said...

smokin nancy.

with all your postings you sure haven't dropped the training off