Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saint Michaels Sports Boosters 5k

Teensy tiny local race that goes past my house. No mile markers, forgot my Garmin, no one to pace off of. Coughing and side stitch after being ill for 3 weeks.

BUT this "plodder" didn't walk!! That's a victory for today!

30:14 at the line.

I have the winter to take off 2:15 to get a new PR.

1:09 slower than this course last year, but it was warmer and more humid today. Hmm, but then again I was bouncing back from being sick then too! Oh well, this seems to be a habit. I still won my AG (50 to death; out of maybe 3 women in the AG who didn't walk it) and got a $20 gift certificate to the local Christmas Store!

Then I had to go rescue my training buddy Dave who got a flat on his bike and didn't have the stuff to fix it after flatting a spare tube.... and I also smashed my ankle in the garage entry door, bleeding on my socks. Silliness.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The old tree is gone

Cutting it down today. House to follow. Sad.
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Recommended bike storage

I just installed four of these in my garage to hang my bikes from the wall and they seem to work great!!!

Also known as Gladiator Vertical Bike Hook (a Whirlpool product) - Google that if the link doesn't work.

Pretty simple to install the suspending bar (rigid plastic, but sturdier than a board; just screw into the wall studs) and the hooks just snap into it. You can also buy and hang other kinds of hooks and baskets for shoes, helmets, etc., off the same bar.

Not much more expensive than buying boards and c-hooks, and better built for the job, plus neater in appearance.

Recommended!! Someone could even put these into apartment walls if they had wooden studs and spackle over the holes without too much damage when moving out.