Saturday, February 11, 2012

First 5k of 2012

Finished up my first 5k of the year and it was ... okay. Didn't quite hit my goals but it was a nice little race and I'm glad I went. Looping around a quiet park on a paved trail, only problem was some rolling hills and wearing WAY too much clothing so I overheated by about Mile 1. I ended up taking SEVERAL unplanned walk breaks, when I really did not want to take any.

Just for the logbook, finish time on my Garmin was 36:38 for a slightly long course, my 11:33 pace would have gotten me 35:48 on a 3.10-mile course.

Saw Jeanne and we were laughing about both kicking ourselves for signing up for the Disney 5k before the Princess half marathon in 2 weeks!!

So I was slower and fatigued faster than I wanted, but NO MAJOR PAIN and knees and ankles cooperated, so all is well. Another finish line crossed!