Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chestertown Dragonfly Sprint Triathlon

Swim half mile: 19:44.50 (2:14/100 yards) (non-wetsuit)
T1: 3:57.65
Bike 17.1 miles: 58:52.55 (17.4 mph average)
T2: 1:58.80
Run 3.1 miles: 36:53.15 (11:53 min/mile pace)

Total: 2:01:26.65

2/2 Athenas (all ages)

Water temp was 84 degrees, ambient temp was 94 degrees, humidity was 47%.

So my transitions were pretty sluggish for a sprint, but my paces during each leg were about what I expected or better. Between the bike and run only one person passed me, and I passed a bunch on the bike.

That was indeed fun, glad to have a triathlon where I can sleep in my own bed and also be finished on course by 10:30AM! All through each leg I was thinking how nice it was to have the shorter distances!!

Definitely a nice race - lovely swim! - and one I'll do again!


Results are posted here.

I would have been 6th out of 9 in women 50-59 (I was 2nd out of 2 in the Athena division to a 32-year-old Athena), and 5th in the bike leg. 39th out of 49 women overall.

Back of the mid-pack - I'll take it, considering I had virtually zero swim or bike training since November! Now maybe I should start working on those sprint tri skills, eh?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Chestertown Ten Miler

Not sure why, but I've never done this race before. It was a nice discovery, realizing that it was a quick drive there on lovely country roads to the town. I drove up with Training Buddy Dave and parked at the local school, and picked up the shuttle for this lovely waterfront park. I heard there were about 800 runners in 2 races.

There was light rain at the start which dissipated about halfway through the run. The race itself was along small rural roads through the countryside - after the simultaneous 5k split off at their turnaround it was a lovely quiet run.

Clock crossing the finish line said about 2:02:30
Watch time 2:01:15
Official time 2:00:38

I enjoyed it enough that I signed up for an upcoming sprint triathlon and half marathon starting from the same park.

In other race planning news, I've started keeping a list of my upcoming races in my Facebook sidebar. A nice little feature to have there as a reminder of what I'm training for!