Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goofy again

I just signed up for the 2011 edition of the Goofy Challenge to earn another set of these fine medals - the same back-to-back half marathon and marathon that I completed back in 2006.

I need those big challenging goals to keep me going in my training - but it has to be a goal that I look forward to as being FUN, not one that I dread!

Goofy is fun. And a challenge.

My personal challenge this time around: beat 9 hours for 39.3 miles. (My total last time was 9:52:24).

Not sure yet if I'll do the Dopey and also sign up for the 5k on Friday. We'll see how the travel plans shape up for it.

Anyone else?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Oxford Day 10k

Last year on a hot day: 1:05:15. This year at a similar effort on a lovely cool day: 1:08:23. 11:01 min/mile pace. I'm entering my final tragic decline, I fear. ;-)

12/16 in age group females 50-59 (75%)
122/154 overall (79%)

It's time to get back to some heavier-duty training. I note that last year's smaller number of races did not help my speed any!

Time to finally figure out my race calendar for the year! OK, I've got my sidebar caught up with completed races, at least. Here we go again!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Cherry Pit 10-miler

387 runners this year on a counter-clockwise course. I finished in the back:

373 Nancy Toby 52 23/24 F 2:01:08 12:07

On a clockwise course in 2007 I ran this race in 1:48:52. Getting 13 minutes slower over 10 miles is not the correct direction to be moving!