Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Oxford Day 10k

Last year on a hot day: 1:05:15. This year at a similar effort on a lovely cool day: 1:08:23. 11:01 min/mile pace. I'm entering my final tragic decline, I fear. ;-)

12/16 in age group females 50-59 (75%)
122/154 overall (79%)

It's time to get back to some heavier-duty training. I note that last year's smaller number of races did not help my speed any!

Time to finally figure out my race calendar for the year! OK, I've got my sidebar caught up with completed races, at least. Here we go again!


Heather said...

Great job!! I hope you enjoyed it.

amybee said...

Hey, I think you did just fine! good for you!