Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chestertown Dragonfly Sprint Triathlon

Swim half mile: 19:44.50 (2:14/100 yards) (non-wetsuit)
T1: 3:57.65
Bike 17.1 miles: 58:52.55 (17.4 mph average)
T2: 1:58.80
Run 3.1 miles: 36:53.15 (11:53 min/mile pace)

Total: 2:01:26.65

2/2 Athenas (all ages)

Water temp was 84 degrees, ambient temp was 94 degrees, humidity was 47%.

So my transitions were pretty sluggish for a sprint, but my paces during each leg were about what I expected or better. Between the bike and run only one person passed me, and I passed a bunch on the bike.

That was indeed fun, glad to have a triathlon where I can sleep in my own bed and also be finished on course by 10:30AM! All through each leg I was thinking how nice it was to have the shorter distances!!

Definitely a nice race - lovely swim! - and one I'll do again!


Results are posted here.

I would have been 6th out of 9 in women 50-59 (I was 2nd out of 2 in the Athena division to a 32-year-old Athena), and 5th in the bike leg. 39th out of 49 women overall.

Back of the mid-pack - I'll take it, considering I had virtually zero swim or bike training since November! Now maybe I should start working on those sprint tri skills, eh?


Spokane Al said...

Congratulations on a great race. *4 degree water temp sounds pretty toasty. Was this a wetsuit legal swim?

Nancy Toby said...

They allowed wetsuits but really shouldn't have. I didn't use one. I think some people paid for it later on when they overheated on the run!

IronLinae, PhD said...

You swim faster than me! Looks like a solid start, especially if you haven't been racing the short/fast stuff.

nancytoby said...

I swam - literally - 100 yards since B2B. Which tells me again that spnding a lot of time in the pool is not one's best investment in cutting down time in a triathlon!! If it had been a longer event I would have been slower, of course, since my arm muscles would have gotten more tired.

austinstair said...

I'd love for you to post your race photos or race stories on my new community blog, celebrating Athenas!


amybee said...

congrats and nicely done!

amybee said...

Congrats my friend! Nicely done!