Saturday, October 22, 2005

End of inactive, sluglike recovery

Enough already! I took a week of sitting on my butt after the Baltimore Marathon - now it's time to get this old body in motion again!

Yes, I've still got some bruising that has to resolve in my feet, and I know my tendons and ligaments and bones experienced some wear and tear during those 26.2 miles that will take a couple more weeks to fully heal - but I can still get back to doing some exercise! I've got another marathon to finish in just two weeks, and I need to stay on my toes for that!

So today I was back at the track, doing my usual mile repeats. It was partly flooded so I had to stick to the middle lane, so my miles were slightly long. I jogged it at an easy recovery pace:
  • 11:57
  • 11:57
  • 11:55
Yes, much slower than my speedier runs when I'm building (10:52, 10:39, and 10:31 on September 25), but that relaxed pace was just right for today.

Note: I'm posting updates on Linae's progress at the Great Floridian Triathlon half-ironman today as I receive them over on her blog. Go Linae!

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