Sunday, October 02, 2005

Army Ten or Eleven Miler?

How bizarre! Due to a security scare this morning in Washington, DC, they re-routed the Army Ten Miler race while it was in progress and it became the Army ~11.5-miler. Too bad they couldn't have changed the timing mat locations for the finish line with the same alacrity, because now they have no placements or official times for any of the runners in the biggest (formerly) 10-miler in the country!

The funniest thing I heard was that some Army wags were blaming the SNAFU on the Navy and calling it the Nautical Ten Miler. :-)

Congratulations to Holly for running strong today and finishing in great shape! On to the Marine Corps Marathon, girlfriend!


*jeanne* said...

Love it!

I did The Inaugural Navy Birthday 5-miler last year (Incidentally, I came in FIRST in my A/G, brag brag brag)...and there was a snafu on that distance as well. So I call it the Navy Birthday 2.94-Mile Five-Miler.

(When is a Five-Miler shorter than a 5K?
- On the Navy's BIRTHDAY!)

This year...I didn't run wasn't on the Navy's birthday...and it conflicted with my BWI Airport 4-Miler.

runr53 said...

Nothing like the old Army Navy rivalry to get the juices flowing, hehe! Those knots and fathoms just get everything screwy, but we have more fun than those Army pogues! OBTW, gotta tell ya again how much I hate word rec. software!