Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chesapeakeman results!

Here are the complete results for all women 50 and older at Chesapeakeman:

Women 50 & up
1 Ellie Hamilton, 53, Accident, MD
Swim 2.4 miles: 1:25:15
T1: 10:27
Bike 112 miles: 6:53:11
T2: 7:19
Run 26.2 miles: 6:22:07
Total: 14:58:19 (99th out of 106 finishers)

Be sure to read Ellie's great race report!

We may have convinced her to join us at Ironman Florida 2006! :-)

1 comment:

*jeanne* said...

Yes, she REALLY wrote a terrific race report. And, although it's a cute picture, she is MUCH better looking then that photo suggests, BTW!