Monday, October 31, 2005

October summary

Well, this month it is True Confessions time. I didn't follow through exactly as I had planned.
  • Swim #1 goal: 5 miles (8047 meters). Completed 2297 meters or 28%. Grade: F.
  • Swim #2 goal: Complete a one-mile time trial in the pool (using only freestyle stroke with bilateral breathing) for a benchmark to work on improving over the winter. DNS. Zero. Grade: F.
  • Bike goal: 140 miles. Completed 62.2 miles or 44%. Grade: F.
  • Run and walk in workouts goal: 90 miles (including 26.2 miles in the marathon). Completed 74.8 miles or 83%. Grade: B.
  • Crunches goal: 1000. Completed 1060 or 106%. Grade: A.
  • Events goal: Complete the Baltimore Marathon upright and smiling (as a final long run in preparation for the New York City Marathon in November): Completed. I'll give this one a grade of 95%, A.
  • Dream goal (optional!): Complete the Baltimore Marathon in a PR, under 5:40. No PR! Finish time was 5:59:51.

If I count the two swim goals as one goal (and don't count the optional dream goal), then I average 71.2% for the month. Overall grade for the month: C-.

I think that counting a month as a C- when I completed a marathon that month says something about how my priorities and definitions have shifted! It also reminds me that I'll need to plan ahead for a taper and recovery for those races that I consider "A" races, and train through those races that I consider "B" and "C" races.

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