Friday, October 21, 2005


I'm going to kill them all.

I just don't know quite HOW yet.

I've tried:
* keeping the counters clean
* keeping the floors clean
* storing all food inside plastic
* taking out the garbage twice daily
* spraying deadly insecticide
* putting out ant traps
* putting out MORE ant traps
* cleaning with vinegar
* smashing them
* not smashing them

... and still they keep coming, and coming, and coming. Their little trails criss-cross my kitchen. They throw parties in my garbage can. They laugh at me. I'm just waiting for them to invite their friends, the cockroaches.



Wylee said...

Oh dear, it sounds like you have an infestation problem. :( Well, I'll give you my remedy, but it's a little messy-- baby powder. I sprinkle a line of baby powder around the perimeter of where ever I don't want them. They won't cross over it. It only works though until you sweep/clean up the baby powder.

nancytoby said...

Hmm. I don't know how I could do that without tracking baby powder all over the house.... :-(

Nytro said...

we had an ant problem when we first moved into our house. have you put poison along the outside of your house? that might help because that's where the little bastards are coming from. we also used those grants stakes and just stuck them under the couches and along the floor boards and it took care of the problem.

Susan said...

Have you tried a product called "Sweet Ant" - I got it at the local grocery. Placed a little on a piece of cardboard - hid it behind the fridge and they were gone almost overnight!

Holly said...

I have heard that washing your baseboards with amonia and water will keep ANTS at bay but I don't know what that does for little hands and feet ...

Good LUCK!

TxSkatemom said...

Dude -- we call Centex pest control. Nothing else works for us.

I HATE ants -- they're *almost* worse than roaches. Take it back. But they're bad.

nancytoby said...

I haven't tried the poison outside. I have to figure out how to get it underneath our deck or in the teensy crawl space underneath the house. Bah! I don't go in THEIR homes!

trifit said...

I had some success with black pepper. Like the baby powder cure above, they won't cross the line. After a few days, pepper was starting to get all over the place, so I cleaned it up. But the ants disn't return, and pepper seems less mess than baby powder.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Wish I could help, Nancy. We always used the Raid traps with the dual bait and they seemed to work great. Its funny because different ants would prefer one bait over the other. You could see through the tops and one side would be empty and the other side would be full of bait.

instamom said...

i can't say i can help you there...i'm surprised we don't have ants with the giant amounts of food that is thrown from our kid's highchairs three times a day. i'm sure i'll be asking you for suggestions soon! good luck!

nancytoby said...

Ugh! I hear you!

How old before they stop throwing food??

We're at 28 months and counting.... no letup in sight...!!

mipper said...

well, you kind of go from throwing food to spilling food (the 3 year old averages at least one dumped plate/bowl every 10 days or so) to then it just missing their mouths occasionally. i haven't had a clean floor in over 8 years. i'm convinced i won't either until they all move out.

we've usually resorted to exterminators once we got ants. it seemed to always help. one thing to know, that i didn't know, is that some ants prefer starch and some prefer sugars. i had a friend who treated things herself for months and it wasn't until she called an exterminator that he said she had starch ants and they didn't respond as well to over the counter products. just a thought. he gave her special traps for them, in addition to spraying her house.

good luck. we've got spiders here. icky!

LouBob said...

Just as long as they DON'T send you a rent notice like the mice did where we first lived

IMmike said...

Wipe the counter down with methanol. It gets rid of the scent the ants leave as a trail. 200 proof (absolute) ethanol would probably do the same thing.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

no ants, but we did have mice and tonight I found two spiders. I hate spiders.

Rivster said...

Some Asian stores carry a special white chalk that is supposed to do the trick.

My parents, whose house is obviously on an ant hill, have some type of sonic machine that emits a sound that wards off the ants. I know it sounds weird, but it works!! Good luck.

jeanne said...

I have this problem too! I live in a condo, and several times I have just stood and watched them to see where they come from and where they go... once, they were coming out of an OUTLET ON THE WALL!!! So I just sprayed in there (probably blew out a few cities...) They are in my bathtub. They are everywhere.

I store EVERYTHING in my refrigerator. Someday I'll probably find ants in there! And then, I will have to move.

I have ant traps (my hardware store recommends TERRO liquid ant traps) everywhere; They do work for a while, then back come the ants. arghhhhh!!!! The ants are definitely winning.