Thursday, October 13, 2005

Elisabeth competes

destruction1Elisabeth is still in the running for the title of Most Mischievous Two Year Old in our household. Catherine isn't ahead in this department.

Here is her erudite comment on baby wipes.

Can you see why we are not planning on replacing this raggedy old couch for a few more years?

Presumably this is the result of her scrutiny of our reading materials. I guess she doesn't care for National Geographic and Washingtonian and Wine Spectator. Nor any of our vast selection of catalogs. Not even the Disney catalogs survived her scathing review.

It's always interesting to walk into a room to find a huge swath of destruction left in their wake.


'Zilla said...

Wow, that's impressive! Girl's got a 'tude! :)

Wylee said...

I especially love the very berry cheerios box she left under the end table, maybe all the baby wipes were to wipe her sticky fingers? :)

3rs said...

They dont out grow it, until they move out.


TriFeist said...

Do you have your hands full! Two girls just as adventurous and independent as their mother.

Rae said...

Oh no!!! At least they're voicing their opinions! =)