Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm in Big Trouble

No, this is not about the Ironman thing.

Catherine, a.k.a. "Danger Girl", crawled out of her crib for the first time tonight.

Dad found her face-down, crying, on the floor next to the crib. She was okay, she had just scared herself while vaulting over the top rail.

Actually, I hope she was good and scared. I'm hoping that scared her sufficiently that she won't try that stunt again for several more months. But of course we couldn't be that lucky.

Our lives are going to be taking yet another drastic change.

Oh! And a very big congratulations to Bob and Lynda Mina on the birth of their daughter Kathryn Ruth. Great name. :-)

The next evening I heard Catherine screaming, and found her little body suspended like a bridge, stuck and frozen between the top rails of the two cribs. I guess she wasn't sufficiently frightened from her previous experience. Figures. I was SO right, we couldn't be that lucky.


Julia said...

If she's anything like my kids, she'll try that stunt again sometimes this week! Seriously, you should think about putting the gate down on one side, which means that she'll be able to get in and out as she pleases...she's growing!

nancytoby said...

She's been in a portable crib, with mesh sides that don't come down. So at least it was a short fall to the floor! :-) That's not an actual photo of her, btw, just her face. She's pretty small (maybe 25 pounds).

I guess it's time to use more duct tape....

TriFeist said...

There's nothing holding her back now! Maybe she'll become a professional rock climber. Now little adventure girl can walk a round wreaking havoc on the house while you sleep. Not a comforting though. Sweet dreams! :-)

TxSkatemom said...

Neither of my boys was smart enough (?) to try that; that or they were both chickens! even now the little one prefers that I come get him out of his regular bed! Good luck with that!!

Dianne W. said...

Just wait until Danger Girl decides to share her new-found skills with her sister. Tag team escape artists!