Friday, October 21, 2005

Slow rainy day

I'm bouncing back from the Baltimore Marathon still. No running yet, since my left foot is still slightly bruised (and yeah, that dying toenail has to go), but maybe later today if this cold rain (yuck!) subsides a bit.

There's always a bit of a psychological lull after a big event. I didn't consider Baltimore an "A" race, so I wasn't extremely psyched up for it going into it, so that helps - I'm on a fairly even keel coming out of it. But there's a hazard of getting into a real slump after a major event that has occupied your thoughts and training for a long time - like if I were Shelley or Ellie coming out of their huge iron-distance events I'd probably feel a bit lost and rudderless for a while! I've always called it PMD (Post-Marathon Depression) but maybe next year I'll be calling it PID: Post-Ironman Depression.

I tend to find that having another fun event scheduled as a followup and getting moving in that direction helps - so I'm glad I have the New York City Marathon to look forward to in another (gulp!) 16 days. Then after that I have the Goofy Challenge at Disneyworld in January. And so on, and so on.

I need to find or more probably, CREATE some swimming and biking milestone events in the next three months which will keep me equally motivated in my workouts in those disciplines!


Shelley said...

I have a big toe nail that needs to come off too!!! sigh...I hate it when this happens..:-))

Holly said...

I think that the change season doesn't help either ... I have been really super moody this week and I am on MEDs for that!

I was considering "What do I do after Marine Corps" and I have no idea .... Hmmm... thanks for giving me more "food for thought"

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe you're doing the Goofy challenge :-O

nancytoby said...

Me neither. :-)

Rivster said...

You're doing the Challenge? Wow -- I am in awe. :)