Sunday, October 02, 2005

A new Ironman at Chesapeakeman!

Ellie became an IRONMAN in the incredible time of 14:58 in her inaugural attempt yesterday! I'm thrilled for her! Plus I'm sure she won her age group!

I'm looking forward to hearing about the splits - Swim was about 1:25, T1 was about 9 minutes, what happened the rest of the day?

Congratulations, Iron Grandma Ellie!!!

Update: She finished just a few minutes after my post last night - so even if I had driven back to see her finish, I probably would have missed it because I was expecting her much later! Like an hour or two later!

She was Grand Master's Female Champion! Woo hoo!!!

Iron Ellie's
approximate and unofficial times:
Swim: ~1:25
Bike: ~7:00
Run: ~6:30
Finish: 14:58

Another note, for prospective 2006 entrants:

As always, Vigo's race management team got high marks from participants. I can't believe that Chesapeakeman doesn't get more registrants (I think there were 120-130 starters), it really is a gem with a flat, fast course. 2006 will only be the third year, though.

Several swimmers did complain of the sea nettles, and Ellie said that she itched throughout the day from them. I'd recommend in future years for folks to use a long-sleeved wetsuit or a long-sleeved rashguard for this event, and perhaps bring along some Benadryl. Hoods and booties were permitted on the swim. Several people also mentioned the wind on the bike course, which seems to be omnipresent at Blackwater even on otherwise relatively calm days.


Ellie said...

Oh, my! You're posting about *me* on *your* blog? I'm flattered and honored...

My watch says:
Swim 1:25:06
T1 11:03
Bike 6:53:09
T2 6:54
Run 6:22:05

This is actually the first time I've looked back to check my times!!

Shelley said...

Wow!! Not only beautiful, but now a full fledged Ironman!! Big congrats, thanks for posting this's great isn't it!!

nancytoby said...

Yeah, Ellie, that headshot of you really is strikingly pretty! You should use that in your blog header! :-)

Madame La Blog said...

again.....I am just overcome with awe. Congrats to Ellie, and props to you nancy for sharing all this great info. I was considering Chesapeake as my first IM myself, but I have been having trouble getting information from the race director. As an observer, do you see it is a first-timer -friednly course? I am having tourble reconciling the "30 mph winds" and grueling conditions they describe on the Eagleman website, with the concept of using it as a first time event. Does the change in season make that much of a difference in winds , in that area? Thanks