Sunday, October 30, 2005

Living Strong!

I had the pleasure of running a few miles today with Holly (and 25,000 or so of our running buddies) as she completed the Marine Corps Marathon in fine form!! I jumped on the course with her about the 10 mile mark and we had a beautiful day for a jog up to the Capitol, then down around the Tidal Basin, out to the end of Hains Point (where we ran into Ron Horton!) and then up onto the 14th Street Bridge with plenty of time to spare.

We continued into Crystal City and I left her on the course at 2:04 PM at the turnaround at 23rd street, just before the 23 mile marker. She just finished in 6:08:07 as I was home on my computer watching the runner tracking. What a remarkable woman, and what a fantastic example of how to LIVE STRONG!

And thanks for getting me out for a final warmup run for New York next weekend, Holly!

Note to the concerned: I wasn't totally banditing the race - Holly had a paid-for race number from a friend that I wore on course (to help pay for the water and course support I took advantage of), and I did carry ID with me in case of emergency. Just so you know. :-)


Ellie said...

What a great day this was.

Holly said...

Thank you for making the day WONDERFUL and so much fun Nancy! ROCK the course at New York this weekend!