Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm tired

Baltimore medalI'm too tired to write a race report! But I'll post my Baltimore Marathon medal pic. It didn't scan too clearly since the little running crab is raised in 3D. Running crab. Hmm. Kind of scary to think about, isn't it?

Thanks to everyone for looking in on me and stopping by to comment yesterday! I appreciate it!

And CONGRATULATIONS TO SHELLEY on her triumphant Kona Ironman finish yesterday! Probably you're more tired than I am!!


*jeanne* said...

That's Blue! Isn't he CUTE?

Full Marathoners didn't get Blue on their medals last year (Under Armour, the major race sponsor, was not quite sure Blue fit with their product image).

I'm SO glad to see him on all the medals this year!


nancytoby said...

Who is Blue?

I looked for him online. Couldn't find him.

I understand he's the Maryland State Crustacean. I wonder what other crustaceans were in the running?

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Another nice medal for you collection.

TxSkatemom said...

pretty.shiny.thing. Very fun!!

tri-mama said...

Way to go Nancy!