Tuesday, October 25, 2005


PuddyRat's post made me smile. I'm in complete agreement.

Gack! TriathAlon drives me nuts! People should at least have to be able to spell TRIATHLON as a requirement for starting the swim leg, as well as pronounce it correctly with three syllables.

The swim may be postponed for lightning. Not lightening. I hope you don't have to start in the dark.

You pedal the bike. Not peddle, unless you're trying to sell it.

And finishing CHUTE. Not shoot, people! Arrgh!! Shoot them all!

You get a medal at the end of the chute. Not a metal. Nor a meddle.

Web SITE. Or website, if you prefer. Not sight.

I know I have lots more to add here, without even getting into apostrophes and possessives ... or should I say possessive's? Heh.

Yes, I cut slack to people for whom English is not their native language. And anyone in a hurry who doesn't proofread may be permitted one or two inadvertent typing errors per day. And "weakened" may be an appropriate substitute for "weekend", on occasion. Otherwise there are no excuses.

I just thought of another one. EXERCISE. Practice it at home, kids.


Cliff said...

:) Maybe all triathletes are like me, can't spell, can't count and can't write.

At least we can sweat. I know that's what I am good at.

Comm's said...

While I speak it and write it, I ain't good at either one.

Anonymous said...

I here what your saying ;-P

nancytoby said...

Omigod, plods, you're hurting my eyes.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

oh chute, I suck at grammar and spellin, eh. :-)

Mark I. said...

reminds me of the question: "How long was your marathon?" Sheesh.

Wylee said...

oh no, not correct grammar (grammer?) too, I'm still trying to grasp the meanings of sub bonk splits which sounds like an ice-cream sundae (sunday?) to me. What vise (vice?) have I got left? Poor punctuation:

PuddyRat said...

Lose and loose are two I frequently see. People want to know how they can loose weight more quickly. Argh! You will LOSE weight as fast as it takes and once you do, your clothes will be LOOSE. Duh.

Oh, and advice and advise. You ask for advice and you give advise.


mipper said...

my typos must truly offend you nancy! ;)

i refuse to spell check my posts because they pull up everything because i don't use capital letters.

besides, i am doing good i if can spell a word not mentioned on sesame street or barney. ;)