Friday, October 07, 2005

Corrective goggles

These look great - Tyr swim goggles with corrective lenses in -2.0 to +8.0 diopters, for only $20. Not a perfect solution for those of us who need bifocals to read our watch, but a big improvement on being blind for a great price!

Speedo has also come out with some new "Hydralign" goggles with a faceted face that seem to force you to look out of the top of the lens, in order (I presume) to encourage swimmers to tuck their chin. I don't know how well these work - has anyone had experience with them?

Update: Ooh, here's a link to several models of "optical goggles" that I didn't know about! Thanks, Joyce! And another model that comes highly recommended. Thanks, Jim!

In other new gear news: How about a noseless bike saddle? Has anyone tried this? I wonder how well it would work with aerobars (or not).


Holly said...

Oooohhh .. New swimming gear ... I need to start swimming again soon ... New Gear is just the ticket!

Great idea Nancy!

Flatman said...

That seat is just wrong...

I can just imagine myself tucking in for a great aero position and sliding down to crush the "boys" on the top thanks!

Comm's said...

I have a riding partner with one of them. Not that version, his is basically the same cut but the seat is split so there is independent suspension.

He goes aero and has no problems. It took a few rides to get the height right.

bunnygirl said...

I swim with corrective goggles and I love them! I wear hard contacts (expensive!) so the corrective goggles allow me to swim without worrying about losing a lens.

I had no idea there were so many kinds, though!