Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Local Baltimore opinion?

From today's Baltimore Sun Letters to the Editor:

"On Sunday, The Sun had several articles on the Baltimore Marathon of the day before ("Antics keep wacky pace to long race," Oct. 16), and not one of them had a word about the horrendous traffic jams that the marathon caused this year, as it does every year. Thousands of cars were stopped or forced to endure bumper-to-bumper traffic for long periods because, once again, the city did not plan adequately for the event. Big banners should go up all over the city the day before the marathon, alerting drivers to stay off the roads. Those roads that are to be blocked should have signs warning drivers not to enter them. Better yet, the city should close Interstate 83 and confine the runners to it. Some of us have shopping and errands to do on Saturdays, and consider them more important than the desire of a bunch of jerks to run through the streets." -- Henry Cohen, Baltimore

I guess I'm one of the jerks he's talking about, eh? I noted in my race report that I didn't see any closure notices along the course, and I think that might help the situation. It does significantly tie up traffic inside the city for a long period of time that day. I have heard, though, that they do contact people who live along the course directly by mail. The course map was published in the very newspaper this guy was writing to. And you can see some of the big banners that Mr. Cohen apparently did not here.


tri-mama said...

Somebody give that guy a prozac

Laura said...

I live in Baltimore and the traffic was crazy!!! But its not like it wasnt advertised. But who cares....How often do they have marathons? People just needed to deal with it and change their route of travel.

mipper said...

oh geez... this guy needs a time out.

'Zilla said...

What a grumpalupagos! Geez... Maybe he should start running to get rid of all that pent-up rage, lol...

PuddyRat said...

The only jerk was the one behind the wheel and writing that comment. Consider the source. He probably weighs 400 pounds and gets winded getting to the refrigerator much less going 26.2.

William said...

Driving is not a right. Walking/running is so it always trumps auto traffic.

I always get a kick out of watching the frustrated faces of drivers waiting to turn left across the course even thought the cop is telling them no.

It's like these people forget how to park and walk a little.

*jeanne* said...

"Some of us have shopping and errands to do on Saturdays, and consider them more important than the desire of a bunch of jerks to run through the streets." -- Henry Cohen, Baltimore"

In reply to DEAR Mr. Cohen (this is a direct quote from the Baltimore Marathon website
[ http://www.thebaltimoremarathon.com/exec/baltimore/road.cfm?publicationID=27 ]
and I BELIEVE (this is a local allusion so I'll explain it right here: BELIEVE is a Baltimore city slogan for all the positive things the city is working toward in improvements in education, and relief of homelessness and poverty. WORKING TOWARD - no, NO US city has SOLVED these issues - yet...) I repeat, I BELIEVE it was in the letters mailed to community people who live along the race route.

At any rate, here's the QUOTE:

"We understand the race impacts your routine for a few hours on a fall Saturday, but we’d like to share with you the positive aspects of the race that you may not be aware. Did you know that a total of $29 million dollars has been pumped into the Baltimore economy as a result of the race? Did you know that the Festival has generated nearly $2 million for charity?"

Um...just HOW MUCH SHOPPING was Mr. Cohen, (brave and generous humanitarian that he IS) going to do on Saturday? How much HELP was that going to do for Baltimore's economy? For it's tourist industry? For ANYONE other than his own precious self-righteous me-me-me little self?

And couldn't he buy his bag of chips and 6-pack of Budweiser on Friday evening on his way home from work?

That way he wouldn't have to sit in traffic LIKE AN IGNORANT JERK, whining and moaning about the ATHLETES truimphantly running OUR city streets while he is totally oblivious that this city is staging an event that is gaining in reputation and popularity EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Next year's date is ALREADY on the calendar.
October 14, 2006.

MARK YOUR flippin' calendar, a$$-hole...
Go hang out in OCEAN CITY that weekend. Or buy a ticket to a play - ON BROADWAY.
Enjoy your trip to NYC.


*i LOVE baltimore running festival*