Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another time trial

Yeah, baby!

On Sept. 23 I cycled 17.9 miles in 60 minutes.

Today I repeated the sixty-minute time trial, full of inspiration from witnessing the start of the Chesapeakeman ultra-distance triathlon this morning.

Woo hoo!!

New hour distance record for me today! 18.1 miles in 60:00 on the same course!

I love improving. :-) Especially since it's 1.9 mph faster than I rode in my last duathlon, two months ago in July, on similar roads. Thanks for the inspiring boost, triathletes!

I'm still waiting anxiously to hear how the rest of Ellie's day went - if she hasn't already, she will soon be crossing that line to become an IRONMAN!

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mipper said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! great job Nancy!