Monday, October 31, 2005

Post pacing recovery

I'm definitely a little more sore from that dozen miles at MCM yesterday than I would like to be. It was probably that dumb dancing around that I did while the high school band was playing Tequila. Yeah, that's it.

I also got a blister on the top of my ankle from my too-tight tri laces. Gack, I thought I had fixed them. I guess my feet swell more than I had thought! I've loosened them again, and hopefully that will do the trick for NYCM. I'll take the girls on a walk to the park this afternoon to work some soreness out of my legs and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I also get a little shoulder soreness from carrying a water bottle for 3 hours. It may be only a pound or two, but the stress adds up after a long time! I debated about using a water bottle carrier versus hand-holding it, and decided to hand-hold since that's what I did for most of Baltimore. I'll probably hand-hold at New York, too, but maybe bring a smaller throwaway bottle to carry and lose it about Mile 23, just like I did in Baltimore.

Otherwise it's back to intense tapering before I go to New York next Saturday! Not much mileage today to add to my puny October totals, I'm afraid!

I won't be going for a PR in New York - I'm going to be running with a friend and we plan to enjoy the spectacle of the world's biggest marathon and pace ourselves for some comfortable sightseeing and a sub-6-hour finish.

I'm also working hard with pencil and paper on my big 50-week Ironman training plan. I'm not setting down exact workouts now - just distance targets for the long swims, rides, and runs (and bricks) each week so that I know I'm progressing correctly throughout the year towards taking on the whopping distance of a 3862m/4224-yard swim, 180km/112-mile bike, and 42 km/26.2-mile run all in one day.

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Danny said...

lol @ "intense tapering".

why do you have to hold a water bottle during the race? i was planning on carrying one for 6 miles or so to avoid the bottlenecks at the early water stations. but after that, i thought i'd get the water from the side of the road.