Sunday, September 25, 2005

Track run

My long run didn't happen today. Three days in a row of getting up two to three hours early for workouts, 74 miles on the bike in two days, plus a big dose of PMS, and the result was that I opted to sleep in.

When I was good and ready and awake, I went to the track for an alternative workout. Mile repeats at a comfortably brisk pace with quarter-mile walk segments in between:

  • 10:52
  • 10:39
  • 10:31
Hey, my "comfortably brisk pace" is getting a little speedier! I'll be interested to see if I can break a 30-minute 5K later this year, after my marathons are over.

Looking back (keeping this blog is helpful for that!): I haven't been on the track for a while! I did some mile repeats at the track on July 16 in 11:16, 12:03, and 12:45, but that was battling heat stroke. On June 19 I did some mile repeats with the first three at 10:28, 10:36, and 10:53. I think those felt a lot harder than these. Today I was running at a strong pace for me, but not pushing hard, and my repeats were getting faster, not slowing down. So I think this looks like progress.

The weather is changing into fall mode, dipping toward the fifties overnight but still the seventies during the day - a great time of year! When I returned from the track I loaded up the girls in the jogstroller for their baby workout at the playground. They're developing great athletic skills on the slides, the balance beam, and the climbing apparatus!

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TriFeist said...

Great! Everyone enjoys getting faster. I'll never catch you at this rate.