Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oh, yeah, those goals

It's high time I posted my monthly goals. Hmmm, that means I'll have to decide on them. I can't truthfully say I've focused a lot on these goals this month, since I've been staring in shock and dismay at CNN or one of the other networks nearly every waking minute.... yeah, that's right, sitting on my butt watching TV. Time to click off that remote. It's too gruesome.

So let's get those September goals over with:

1. Swim: 5280 yards (3 miles) just for practice. This will be - yuck! - back indoors, since the outdoor pools around here close this coming Tuesday.
2. Cycle: 120 miles (includes goal #5 mileage).
3. Run: 80 miles. This may depend on whether I do the Chesapeakeman relay on October 1st (still up in the air) and taper for it.
4. Other training: complete 1000 crunches.
5. Events: complete 1 cycling metric century (100 km/62.1 miles), which will be my first ride over 56 miles.

Some time over the winter I'm thinking about getting back to working on my bench press, squats, and deadlifts, since I think they're terrific multi-joint whole body strengthening exercises, but that probably won't happen until November.

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