Thursday, September 29, 2005

Special good wishes

A big GOOD LUCK and YOU GO GIRLS to two of my favorite athletes in the world and aunties to my girls who are each participating in their own tough event this weekend!

First (in chronological order by eldest first and event first) is Ellie, my adventurous RV-traveling friend and an inspiration to me, who is taking on her first iron-distance event on Saturday at Chesapeakeman, in Cambridge, Maryland. I hope to see her briefly before the 7AM swim start to wish her well and send her on her way to becoming an IRONMAN!

She's been training hard for this for a long time and while she always expresses worries, I know that she's ready to conquer that course. She will probably be the oldest female competitor on the course! Isn't that cool?

The woman who will cross the finish line is a different one from the one who started that morning!

Secondly, equally an inspiration to me but for different reasons, is my friend Holly who is toeing the starting line at the Army Ten Miler on Sunday. Holly has been battling melanoma for a long time now, as described by her fellow melanoma survivor Oldman. Not having had that experience (knock on wood) of being on extended interferon treatments myself, I can only imagine what a challenge it is for Holly to force herself get out and train while feeling like crap. I truly admire her positive spirit. She has my respect and good wishes! I'm looking forward to running with her for part of the Marine Corps Marathon in a few weeks, and I'm sorry I can't join her this weekend, since the Army Ten is one of my favorite road races in the whole world!

There are some great photos of Holly with her sister on her sister's blog. What a hoot!

Funny, isn't it? I never would have met either of these remarkable women if I hadn't started running, but I feel that I have a lot in common with both of them that has nothing to do with our athletic pursuits. I'm proud to know them.



Flatman said...

Good luck, girls!

Oldman said...

go girls! best of luck!

tri-mama said...

Have a great race day girls!