Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bad and good

Lousy attempt at a long run this morning. Weather was perfect, I slept well, got an early start, but I just felt lousy. Cold sweat and stomach cramps don't make for an optimal run. I cut my losses and decided I'd try it again tomorrow. 7.8 miles is all I managed, but if I can run on slightly tired legs tomorrow that will be good training for the Goofy challenge in January.

But you know how I always see things on my long runs that I wouldn't have otherwise? Today it was fortuitous - some good folks from local associations were up early holding a big collection for Katrina survivor relief, filling up a semi-load of goods on the other side of town. So after I got home early I packed up the three boxes of baby items I had already prepared that were sitting in my dining room, and took it all over and dropped it off. I can always donate the value of the postage I would have otherwise paid to mail the stuff to Houston!

The volunteers were also stopping all traffic going through town and extorting - I mean, um, requesting - donations from the drivers. I usually don't approve of that sort of thing, but in this situation - stopping all the Jaguars and Mercedes and mega-SUVs coming through town and shaking them down for the worthiest of causes - I thought it was great. :-)

Oh, yeah, another good thing: I was able to book my flight up to the New York City Marathon on November 6th - it didn't seem like they'd increased the airfares too hugely yet, so I was pleased with that.


TxSkatemom said...

I had the same thing happen to me. Weather was actually pretty nice, with a nice cross breeze and not too much humidity. I did 10 and then, poof, no more left, either in the legs or in the brain. there'e a 15K tomorrow that I may attempt, to see how I hold up.

Comm's said...

Its sad that tragedys like this bring out the worst in people. Someone came to our door yesterday asking for donations to such and such.

We didn't do it because its just so iffy if you can't be positive the funds will go to the cause or to the next fix.

nancytoby said...

I hear you about the charities - the first question when I came up was what organization was sponsoring it. It turned out to be the town business council, a local women's group, and a local men's group. I trust them!