Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Swim-run brick

Yurtie told me to do a swim-run brick today. Okay. I did it. Maybe not exactly to the letter of how he told me to do it, but I did it.

Damn you, Flatman, for putting your workout times up in your sidebar. Now I feel compelled to follow suit. Well, I guess they'll serve the purpose to make everyone else feel super-speedy in their workouts by comparison with me. Let's just say my workouts often emphasize the Slow part of Long Slow Distance. But "Doing Them Slow" is always better than "Not Doing Them At All", right? (As I did yesterday, the Day of Sloth, but we won't go into that now. Yesterday is gone).

Out the door in the dark, in the pool by 6:45AM. 2000m in the pool felt sluggish and awkward the whole time, except for maybe the last couple of laps when I stopped thinking and started just swimming. 1:10:39. Yeah, that's a zippy 3:31 per 100m average. Those open turns really slow me down. As does breathing, coughing, and choking. I got to share a lane with Dolphin Girl, who swims effortlessly about twice as fast as me. Smiling the whole time, gliding past me with her own little bow wave. I resented and envied her every stroke.

Then out of the pool, pull off suit, squeeze out the wet dripping hair, tug on clothes, adjust clothes that are all crooked from being pulled on half-wet, stomp into shoes, head for the treadmill.

T1 = 9:06.

My knees weren't quite as stiff as usual with the swimming warmup, which is good. But I was a bit dehydrated and pokey from not drinking anything but poolwater during my swim. Gotta remember to put a bottle at the end of the lane. I set the incline at 1.5% and jogged away at 11 to 12 min/mile, with a couple of brief walk breaks. 5K in 37:43.

Speed home. Glad that I left a full water bottle and a half a muffin in the minivan for the drive back. Arrive by 8:45AM, in time to greet the plumber. Please don't make me post the long boring story of the dishwasher, and my mundane petty gripes with (but note: Home Depot will deliver and install two full weeks faster, for less money).


Flatman said...

What a great workout! I really need to SWIM...

I might have forgotten how, with all of this running I am doing.

Holly said...

"Doing Them Slow" will always be better than "Not Doing Them At All" !!!

Way to get in a great brick workout before 9AM!

Mica said...

Nice workout!

I agree - putting on clothes after the swim is the worst!

IMmike said...

good workout nancy. 9 minute transition time though???

nancytoby said...

I know. My transitions suck. If I wasn't worried about spraying water all over the treadmill in the club, it woulda been faster.

Chris said...

Man. If I could have gone straight from the swim to run on Sunday, that would have really helped my time! :)

Oldman said...

kewl... way to getherdone!

jessie_tri_mn said...

look on the bright side, you burned more calories than dolphin girl ;)

I always forget water when I swim, and then wonder why the heck I'm dehydrated.

Cool brick! There should be swim/run duathlons!

Anonymous said...

That's a great workout! congrats :-)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I'm like flatman, I miss swimming. Just waiting for ok to put toe in pool and I'm there.

As for times on sidebar. Not sure I will do that but I am working on some excel stuff to chart and summarize progress. Yes I am obsessed with that stuff. Once I've got them calculated I'll share for anyone who wants to umm borrow the

Gotta go...Survivor time.