Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Politics as usual?

I'm thinking about creating a separate "Political and Religious Follies" blog, just to provide a safe, quiet little place for me to rant away without offending my triathlete friends.

But let me just say, whatever your political persuasion:

Now is a pretty good time for Americans to email their senators with their thoughts and recommendations on exactly what the United States government should be doing next. Here's the link to the Senate.

Here's the House of Representatives, while you're at it.


Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

You don't mean "whatever your political persuasion", because those of MY political persuasion don't want to persuade our representatives to do anything our way.

Maybe you mean "whatever your political persuasion, as long as it's persuasive" :)

nancytoby said...

Well, you may be the exception there!

You could just tell them, "Whatever you do, don't do what I would do!" :-)

tri-mama said...

I say check with your local governments readiness plan, check with your own plan and make a donation to red cross. No matter what the federal govt comes up with on either side of the aisle, it will be cumbersome bueracracy and cost lots of tax dollars. Case in point, none of the people pointing at the feds moved to a proactive plan in spite of years of knowing the eminent danger- LA received the most Corp of Engineer money of any state by milliions but the locals didn't build the levees for a cat 5. You gotta know who is running your neighborhood and city because the fed govt by definition is just not effecient.