Sunday, September 11, 2005


This morning we walked over to our local Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum hoping to get a viewing of the Bounty replica, but "that ship done sailed". I guess she's headed up to Long Island. She might have left a little early to better avoid Hurricane Ophelia, the remnants of which may be coming here later in the week. I think the girls liked seeing the swans just as well.

I skipped the long run I had scheduled for this morning. My back still felt tired enough that I didn't think that I would run well. Perhaps I'll take another rest day today and try it for tomorrow morning, at early o'clock? My scheduled long run is only ten miles this week. (Uh, did I hear myself correctly? Did I just say "only ten miles"???)


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

lol...only 10 miles. Yeah, I only did just under 10k.

Great pic of kids & swan.

tarheeltri said...

I haven't run one ten-miler all year... that's awesome! Only 10!

Flatman said...

I only ran ten on Saturday...I am such a slacker!