Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fear of Fat justified?

As if most of us didn't have enough fear of fat - there's a chilling story out of Katrina (that I heard about at Big Fat Blog) that reinforces our paranoia. Get heavy enough and instead of getting evacuated, you could just get murdered by your hospital staff.

Edit: please note that the authenticity of this story is unverified at this time, per the comments.


Comm's said...

Wow a panicked George Bush? Elite Army Units acting as hunter/killer units in New Orleans? Could the Scottish Newsman have a bigger agenda than honest reporting.

I mean he is not lying so much as just embellishing. The guard was initially called in for emergancy relief efforts not police action.

He says Bush waited almost a week before taking action. I didn't know in Great Britian that Monday morning when the leevie broke to Wednesday morning when GWB gave his first press conference was consider almost a week.

Keryn said...

That is unspeakable...just horrible. Ugh.

nancytoby said...

Commodore, I think you had to scroll down the page - they were talking about actions of hospital staff, as described by a doctor from the scene. I have no idea of the accuracy, it's not verified by a second source.

xzvzxv said...

Are they doing anything to the toxic water being pumped out of New Orleans before it gets to the lake?

Comm's said...

I read the whole thing Nancy, I just get riled at how...unsavory the European Press is against America and W.

I hope that there is more to that story that is not being said or that the guy is just plain lying.

Think about all the abandoned animals walking the streets of NO right now with no food and no water. Soon enough they will start to feel the affects. Wouldnt be suprized to see an article on wild dog packs soon.

Goldie-the water is untreated as it is pumped out. Yes it will cause problems with the ecology.

mipper said...

this is horrible.

comm, hee hee, i think we are kindred political souls! :D

A Girl Running said...

OMG that is just horrendous!

nancytoby said...

Well, I definitely hope this was an urban legend! The way it's written makes it unclear whether the reporter got the story from the doctor, or whether it was "recounted" 2nd-hand or 3rd-hand.