Monday, September 05, 2005

Long run done

I felt ill yesterday when I had intended to do my weekly long slow distance run, so rather than canceling it entirely I moved it to today. I had my doubts about whether I would actually do the mileage, but it worked! I did 15.6 miles today, and after 7.8 yesterday that's 23.4 over two days. Not bad! It was all slow, lots of walking yesterday and today I took walk breaks about every mile, but the total mileage and the time on my feet is what I needed to accomplish right now. And it's done! I would have actually done about 3 more miles today but I would have been late getting home, so I left it at that.

I was very pleased with how my new homemade gel tasted, so I'll probably stick with that for long runs and tweak the flavors a little. I just have to be rigorous about remembering to click the cap shut, because gel dripped down your leg is horrible! I combined it with lots of water and Succeed caps, plus half a Powerbar, and felt pretty good the whole time.

Hopefully my speed will continue to improve this fall as the weather cools off. I love when that happens!

Later in the afternoon we took the girls for their last outing of the summer to the pool, which they enjoyed a lot, until it was time to leave when it was Catherine's usual departure tantrum. Elisabeth was friendly and walked up to everyone she saw to say hello in her own Elisabeth way.

We didn't do much to recognize the Labor Day holiday other than enjoy the day off as a family, but that's part of what it's all about, isn't it?


bunnygirl said...

I'm glad you're finding a nutrition mix that works for you. For some people, I think that's actually the hardest part about running!

Flatman said...

Great job getting it done!

Holly said...

Well done! Way to get your workout done inspite of all the legitimate reasons to skip it!

Here is to cooler weather! I makes me run faster too!

TriFeist said...

All right! Congrats on completing that second run.