Monday, September 19, 2005

By popular request....

More stories about the girls! (Since I don't have much in the way of workouts to report.)

Catherine was the WORST GIRL EVER today. We went to the little park on the waterfront that's bordered by a split rail fence. The girls were being good, running around, swinging, climbing ALL the way up the ladder and going down the slide ALL BY THEMSELVES (Mom served as spotter on the ladder, and had to give Elisabeth a little boost once or twice, but that's all), climbing on the picnic tables, running around the grass, crunching the leaves, stopping at the fence when I called them. Just having a fun outing!

After a while of this freedom, Catherine ran down to the far corner by the intersection. I thought she would turn back, but NO - she went right under the split rail fence without a backwards glance, just like many very bad dogs I have owned, and ran gaily across the street and down the block for almost a whole house lot.

BAD girl! Scared me to death! Luckily it's a very quiet street! You should have seen me trying to clamber over the split rail fence and sprint after her - that must have been a sight.

But after we got home she just tried to make up for it by doing something good. I gave them small bottles of water to drink when we came home to rehydrate, and she actually PUT HERS IN THE SINK when she was done with it. That's a first!!! Of course it's never going to happen with anything capable of making a mess, though.

Later: Catherine had a straw from the broom. One she had found on the carpet after I thought I had picked up all the straws she had pulled out, one by one, from the broom, before I had taken the broom away from her grasping little monkey hands and locked it in the closet. Then I caught Catherine very carefully trying to insert it, point-first, into Elisabeth's EYE. Sheesh.


Holly said...

I'm sure you resembled a Mom of twin scrambling after her little girl! And Catherine can really "run" when she wants too! I have seen it!

Glad everything turned out okay!!

Flatman said...

"hold still, Elisabeth...this won't hurt a bit...", Catherine says, snickering maniacally.

Yikes! Makes me go "whew" when I look at my ONLY child!

Hey, at least you don't get bored.

Oldman said...

let me use this stick to get that out of your eye, Elisabeh.

tri-mama said...

I've definitly had those moments that would have caused my HRM to explode if I'd been wearing it-darn kids. Someday you can thank them for those little anaerobic training moments :)

Chris said...

Even when they're doing not so cute things, the stories still come out cute. :)