Saturday, September 10, 2005

St. Michaels (partial) metric century

This morning I was up early and on the road cycling by 8AM as part of the St. Michaels Century. They had 25-mile, 62.5-mile, and 100-mile options. I chose the 62.5-mile route. This goes over my usual bike training route along rural roads with wide shoulders, with glimpses of the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries.

Unfortunately, I had two problems. We had a community meeting scheduled for 1PM that I had to get home and get ready for, so that was on my mind as it started getting late. I realized in my pace plan I hadn't accounted for rest stops, which take some time in a group ride like this, unlike a race. I also hadn't planned for my back and neck to start cramping up after about 45 miles. I guess I'm really not fully accustomed to aero position yet. Nothing more time in the saddle won't cure.

So at 52 miles when we went past my house I skipped the final out-and-back and turned for home. So call it 83% of a metric century. I probably would taken a leisurely stretching break off the bike and then continued if I hadn't had the time pressure of getting ready for the meeting, but my back was increasingly uncomfortable and it was getting late, so I decided to call it a day. I was pleased to see that my final pace at 52 miles was over 1 mph faster than my Eagleman pace, though, so that's progress.

I guess I have to write a big fat red DNF across the event shirt in indelible ink, eh? Well, the 25-mile people got the same shirt, and I *did* complete that part of the route....

We did have a delightful community meeting and wonderful pot luck out under the shady trees on the banks of the Miles River, watching the log canoes race.


KL said...

It sounds like a really nice ride - today was a beautiful day for it! I'm glad you had fun and got to go the meeting/potluck afterwards...sounds like a great balance to me!

Ellie said...

Hey, best of both worlds, a nice long bike ride with a 1mph advance in pace, plus a yummy potluck! You did super.

I'm glad to hear you describe the rest breaks as longer than in a race... I was concerned w/ how long mine were in my century. You always help!

Mica said...

Great job, Nancy! Sounds like an awesome day.

Chris said...

You did twice the distance of those 25 mile folks so I say wear the shirt with pride! 52 miles is no easy task. Congrats on a great ride!