Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Good luck present for Shelley

As you are probably aware, our fellow Tri-Blog Alliance member Shelley, aka IRONM4N, is getting ready to leave for Kona, Hawaii for the Big Dance: the Ironman Triathlon World Championships on October 15, 2005, 17 days away!

She's raised thousands of dollars for charity, she bought her new Hawaiian suitcase, she's done her last long ride, all that remains is to finish her taper and get on the plane!

I wanted to wish her well and send her off to Hawaii with a big going-away present that won' t take up any room at all in the suitcase:
Does anyone else have anything they would like to send along with Shelley!?


mipper said...

faith and luck. can't forget those.

Flatman said...

How about a hug! She already has enough guts for all of us. Is she taking the TRI-DRS dog tags??? Gotta have those!!

Shelley said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW NANCY!!!! That is so sweet of you..imagine me...wandering over to your site and seeing this????? THANK YOU, thank you all!!!! I am so happy I met all of you and trust me, when the going gets tough out there, all of you will be thought of very often, I know you'll be pulling for me, I promise not to let you down and do the very, very best that I can!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again NANCY!!!!!

tri-mama said...

My goodness you've worked hard to get there, go out and enjoy the day! Best wishes to you as you wind down to Kona!

*jeanne* said...

Sense of humor! That is easy to pack! Sense of Fun and Adventure! and the spirit of ALOHA! That will match the island and her suitcase!



trifit said...

Determination. But we know she has plenty of that!

TriFeist said...

Perseverance. And confidence.

Go Shelly!