Sunday, September 18, 2005

Walking and calisthenics

Calisthenics. Nobody seems to use that word any more for free-body exercises. Well, if you take a look at my sidebar, that and walking and a few rounds of dumbbell upper body work is "all" I've gotten done for the last few days. Call it a bit of a rest and replenishment break. I still think I'm doing okay at improving my "average worst day" each week - a complete day off from any workout still seems to occur about once per week, usually on a day which includes the two-hour drive between Arlington and St. Michaels. This is MUCH less often than those no-exercise days used to come along!

Since setting up my new used bike trainer was a failure, and I've been taking care of my girls by myself for the past several days, that's all I could get done. I'm way overdue for a long run.

The Baltimore Marathon (4 weeks) and New York City Marathon (6 weeks) are coming up fast! Fortunately I'm not planning on setting any PRs at either one - both are fairly demanding routes, and just completing the distance, enjoying the day, and finishing upright with a smile on my face, and of course, bringing home my medal, is fine with me. Since my running mileage has been moderately low (~17 miles per week average) this may be a critical test of how much swimming and cycling cross-training helps my long-duration running endurance.

Plus I'm overdue for a long ride. Sea Gull Century is in three weeks, but I'm not sure that I'm riding it, or even if I'm riding the full century if I do it - I may drop down to the metric/62-mile route if I don't get in a couple solid rides in the next two weeks of 50+ miles. I don't really want to be stuck out at a rest stop forty miles away from the start with the same back pain that I had last weekend for the St. Michaels metric century! It's going to be quite a few more long days on the road before my creaky old body has fully submitted to aero position without complaints.

Time for my crunches....

Yay! I just found out (thanks for the wake up call, Bonnie) that it's actually 7 weeks until NYCM, and I have 3 full weeks between Baltimore and NYCM! MUCH better! That's a relief!!


Anonymous said...

You're running two marathons two weeks apart!! I'm super impressed! And they're two of the greatest marathons in the world! I'd love to do Chicago or NYCM... you know, if I could actually run a marathon :-p Way to go!! :-)

nancytoby said...

If you want to complete a marathon, you CAN! If I can, anyone can! My plan was to use Baltimore as the last long supported workout run before New York, so I'm trying not to look at it as two full marathons (if that makes sense).

TriFeist said...

Shiver me timbers. The scallywag bike trainer doesn't fit. first I figured it was just an adjustment issue. Is it for 650 wheels or something?

nancytoby said...

No, the little pieces that are supposed to hold the spindle are the wrong shape for a quick-release spindle. I'm not sure if I have to replace the spindle with one with knobs on 2 sides or get a different type of holder, but what I have now is not compatible! Grr!