Monday, September 12, 2005

Congratulations ironmen!

Congratulations to all the finishers of Ironman Wisconsin yesterday!

Amazing! Conditions were brutally hot. I heard they ran out of some supplies on course. 18.9% of the field Did Not Finish. Wow. That's even higher than the 9.7% DNFs that they had in 2004. Another big reason that I won't tackle the tough IMMOO course for my first Ironman attempt - and maybe never!!

Congratulations especially to fellow tri-bloggers RobbyB (12:51 @ 2005 Ironman Wisconsin) and Chris (12:14 @ 2005 Ironman Wisconsin). Fabulously well done!


tri-mama said...

It was hot and humid. We went down to watch the race and to volunteer at a run station-what a great event. Chris was awesome! I agree, it would be a seriously difficult 1st race, particularly because the terrain is horribly hilly. Florida looks better all the time.

Chris said...

Thanks gals. You gals are too kind. :)

I think the final percentage of DNFs actually ended up being a little higher than that. I think it was someplace around 23%? :/