Wednesday, May 04, 2005

IMFL vs. IMMOO? No contest!

Some miscreants in the Tri-Blog Alliance have been making scary references to Ironman Wisconsin (IMMOO) in September, 2006 in preference to Ironman Florida (IMFL) in November, 2006. It's high time we put a stop to this nonsense.

Let's take an objective look at the Top Ten Reasons to do IMFL instead of IMMOO:

10. Friends and relatives can travel too. They will if they know what's good for them. Friends and relatives will like the Florida Gulf coast in November much better than the middle of Wisconsin in September. They're not stupid.
9. Panama City in Sunshine State vs. Madison in "Eat Cheese or Die" state.
8. Buoyant salt water on shallow warm beach course vs. cold pond scum.
7. Flat vs. Hills.
6. One loop bike course vs. two loop bike course. (Which I personally usually find very boring).
5. Two more months to train.
4. Two more months to save up registration money.
3. 83/2116 DNFs in 2004 (3.9%) vs. 212/2187 DNFs in 2004 (9.7%). That is, you're 2.5 times more likely to finish at IMFL and become an IRONMAN.
2. Faster finishing times by 20-25 min. based on course records: 8:21 M/9:26W vs. 8:46M/9:46W. Plus bragging rights!
1. The supportive presence of the members of the TRI BLOG ALLIANCE!


Wil said...

AGH Nancy! You're making IMWI look REALLY scary woman!!!

Jack Jenkins said...

Awesome! Good for you for doing this. I just ran across your blog after reading your comment on Wil's blog. I've got to run right now, but I'm coming back later to read more.

I'm an endurance mountain bike racer, 63, who started at age 55. It has absolutely changed my life for the better. A long training process to become competitive (really, just within myself is where it really matters... the rest is window dressing.)

Take care and keep on Tri'ing

Flabbyironman said...

The IMMOO course might be two loops, but you have the pleasure of riding through a GIANT throng of people in Verona before you start the second loop, making the race feel at times a bit like the Tour De France.

I'm going to do Florida because I want to see the rest of the Tri-Alliance people, but I wouldn't denigrate MOO at all, it's an amazing race with amazing crowds.

Comm's said...

nancy, your so right on.


tri-mama said...

First time to your blog-love it-I have a similar background in nutrition/sports nutrition and personal training-I take my first steps toward imf saturday-I'd be happy to register you!Then we can supply nutrition/dietary support to anyone in want-keep on blogging

nancytoby said...

Ahh, point taken, FlabbyIronman. :) I don't wish to put down IMMOO at all! I'm originally from the Chicago area myself, and it would be my second choice (if the order of entries worked out and I couldn't get in IMFL). I just think IMFL would be a better choice for a scared first-timer like me.

nancytoby said...

OK, I rewrote Item #6 about the bike course in response to FlabbyIronman's comments. Thanks for the feedback! :)

soccerdad said...

nancy, nancy, nancy... you're KILLING me!! i'd LOVE to do IMFL instead of IMMOO. (yes, i'm one of the aforementioned miscreants...) but i have two main problems:
1) i've already done IMFL and wanted to try a different course. you are right though in saying that IMFL is a good course for first timers.
2) if i did IMMOO, my family could go also. i did IMFL alone, and it just didn't feel "complete". with IMMOO being on a sunday and monday being a holiday, the family could drive up on saturday (it's only 5 hours, as compared to 12 for IMFL), watch the race sunday, all drive home monday, and none of my kids would have to miss any school. if i did IMFL and had the family come, all four of my kids would have to miss at least four days of school. i don't think i could justify that. so anyway, that's my dilemma. it's not that i wouldn't LOVE to meet everyone in FL, but logistically, MOO just works better. that being said, i do have some time, and i haven't completely made up my mind yet. decisions, decisions...

Vertical Man said...

Hey, I used to live in Madison. Except for all the Packer fans it's pretty much God's country!