Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why a 2-piece wetsuit?

Several people have asked me why I selected a 2-piece wetsuit. The DeSoto Sports website lists their reasons for promoting theirs, including:

  • Less restriction from tugging
  • No neck zipper
  • Customize your fit with different sized tops and bottoms
The reasons that I considered before making the purchase were:
  • Lower, less constrictive neckline
  • I like being able to use either a sleeveless vest or longsleeve with the bibs
  • I like how the bibs are made in a different, more buoyant material than the tops
  • The bibs can be worn without the top in warmer water

I don't have much experience in this, so mostly I went on people's recommendations. I remain a bit concerned about the fit, since I don't exactly have the lean, lanky physique of your average buff triathlete. I've heard really good things about DeSoto T1 wetsuits, and lots of experienced triathletes particularly recommended DeSoto's customer service. I was encouraged that after I ordered my wetsuit, they immediately sent me an email requesting my measurements so that they can verify which size tops and bottoms should fit me best. I'll post a review here after I've had a chance to practice with my new wetsuit a while.


Flatman said...

Thanks a million for your help...I am cluless.

Wil said...

Anyone have any ideas about the T1 timing? I didn't know if it would take more or less, as with a one-piece you can take half of the thing off coming out of the water -would have to carry the shirt if you did that with this set up. Anyone out there have one of these?

Flatman said...


I have heard alot of people say the best part of these is that if you take off your goggles and cap, then hold them in your hand and trap them in your sleeve as you pull it off and then you don't have to worry about losing them! (longest sentence ever?)

vj said...

Ooh, cool, athletic purchases! Have you gotten it yet?

Mark I. said...

Makes sense to me anyway!