Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bag O' Lynx

Today's workout: 2.5 miles on the treadmill, including 0.5 miles at 2% grade at a 10 min/mile belt speed. It felt HARD. Then 1000m in the pool where I practiced bilateral breathing and some arm entry and pull techniques suggested by the first of my recommended reads, below.

lynxLinks to a few online resources which I found helpful recently in my tri-training:

Propulsive Swimming and the Catch, by Rich Strauss

Race Rehearsal Guidance for Ironman, also by Rich Strauss

Karyn's Climbing Tips, on Life Is A Tri Blog by Steve Davis

Ironman course bike profiles and Ironman course run profiles, all of which scare me

Convert-me, an online metric-English-metric converter that I use a lot and everyone who is as obsessive about numbers as I am should bookmark

I'll pass along more goodies as they come my way!


Comm's said...

I am excited that your 1/2 IM is only five weeks away.

On a treadmill a 1% grade is neccesary to simulate running on a flat grade road. The belt acts as a declining grade like running down a hill.

I hope to just get to 1000 meters in a pool within the next two weeks. Thanks for the links.

Flatman said...

Holy cow, those bike and run course visuals are amazing...thanks!

nancytoby said...

Holy crap. Commodore reminds me that my Half IM is five weeks away. I'm about to leave for 10 days in a motor home, with no bike and of course no pool. I'm doomed!

Shelley said...

Nancy!! You will be fine, keep will be fine.. :-))
Thanks for that article from Rich Strauss the 112/4 plan is something I definitely will be doing!

FTL said...

Could never get the bilateral breathing thing down. Thought it slowed me down cuz i had to try too hard. Will have to ask WhiteSal about that. See you at eagleman. Keep riding buttercup!! chris

Anonymous said...

When I read this last night, I couldn't understand why you had put a picture of cat there. This morning, I read the heading and I "got it." (Lightbulb on)

You funny! I slow.


ruth-e said...

hi nancy! i decided to separate work (writing, teaching, poetry) and my diet and fitness the new blog for diet and training will be

please come over!! i have almost reached my first mile on the treadmill, .875 at about 20 minutes, but i still need a 5 minute interval of walking halfway through (excluded from the time and distance, of course). i'm working up to it slowly. i'm a little achy and need to do pilates matwork today. got my weight plateau to budge a little bit....i love checking your posts, your training, and your schedule. it keeps me motivated.

Phil said...

Hey, I like that conversion website.

I didn't know I could run
60000000000000 Angstroms and live to tell!

Oldman said...

even with the 1/2 IM 5 weeks away and you taking a trip you can still focus on running.... thanks for the links