Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cold water swims = hunger

In a recent University of Florida study, student volunteers ate 44% more calories after exercising in cold water than after exercising in hot water.

Lessons for those of us hoping to lose body fat?

  • Swim in hot pool water or use a wetsuit in cold water.
  • Don't count on cold-water swimming for weight loss, or track your food intake closely after each cold water swim.
  • Do those hot, sweaty running and cycling workouts for weight loss.
  • Forget the rules after a race and eat as much as you want for as many hours as you ran in miles. It's your reward. This does NOT apply to regular workouts, only to organized races. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the study, I just think it's a good training principle. :-)


Oldman said...

well that splains it...why i can't lose weight, no more swimming without a wet suit!

Dawn - Pink Chick said... if I take 8 hours to run my next marathon, I get to eat for 8

*sans potato chips* said...

OH! No, no, goodness gracious me! I run too many races too slow...I'd soon out-bulk the GoodYear B!