Friday, May 20, 2005

Giro d'Italia

In the past few years I've become a fan of professional cycling. One of my current favorite riders is Ivan Basso, an Italian cyclist who rides for CSC, winning third place in last year's Tour de France and who is currently in the lead of the Giro d'Italia. Can you see why I like him? The Giro is only half over, though, it goes on for another 8 days. Go Ivan!



Flatman said...

You mean there is actually a man in this picture?

nancytoby said...

LOL! Maybe I should have cropped the photo? I like to provide something of interest to ALL my readers... ;)

Alicia said...

Tomorrow's the big day! Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!

We'll all be thinking of you and I'm sure you'll do great!