Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Day 5 Road Trip: Berkshires to White Mountains

Technical details: We HAVE been able to receive email on the road, and your comments left on this blog, occasionally tapping into an unsecured wifi connection. THANK YOU! For some unknown reason we have been mostly unable to SEND email. So if you have emailed us and we haven’t answered, never fear, we have read your email and will catch up with our responses in about a week when we’re back home and in front of computers that usually work the way that they’re supposed to.

Getting back to our road trip story –

We woke up on Tuesday in the little family campground in the southern Berkshires on another gorgeous day. We’ve been extraordinarily lucky with our weather so far!

Before we hit the road we met a friendly fellow camper with a nice big friendly black Labrador Retriever named Maya. We took the opportunity to introduce the girls to the large dog and after a few bashful moments they took to her quite well, and were only a little taken aback by big sloppy dog kisses and a rambunctious eager overgrown puppy demanding to have numerous balls thrown for chasing. Little Elisabeth took to Maya right away and pulled up against her tall back and held on tightly for support, on her wobbly toddler legs – the best use of all for any big dog.

The rest of the day was mostly making time on the interstates, through Massachusetts and up through New Hampshire. The high point of the day for Catherine was getting a little red plastic car with her Happy Meal at McDonald’s (amazingly, her first Happy Meal at almost 2 years of age) on our rest stop. Her favorite word these days is “CAR!” which she announces frequently with some urgency whenever she spots one driving by. That happens with considerable frequency on interstate highways, as you might imagine.

Before sundown we pulled into the driveway of Aunt Gail’s empty house in rural northern New Hampshire. Since the following day promised to be a long one, we just settled in for the night in the driveway.


Vertical Man said...

Wait 'til Catherine discovers barnyard animals and talks to each in their own language as you drive past (moo, oink, etc!!)

The Big Cheese said...

I enjoy visiting your site. I am about to start training for my first Triathlon. Do you have any suggestions?

Alicia said...

I'm glad you're having such a great trip! I love watching kids discover something new that we've taken for granted for so long and be completley fascinated by it.

Oh, and at age 25, I still try to talk to the animals in their own language as I drive by. Heee! That never gets old!