Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May totals

Bari reminds me to look over my May totals. Crap. They're scaring me. This is the kind of post that I really don't like to make, but I will just for the sake of honesty.

On May 1, 2005 I posted: May goals
Swimming: 6500 yards
Cycling: 150 miles
Running: 65 miles
Include: Complete five consecutive days of double workouts; 10 days on vacation (to be truthful, I'm not sure this is compatible with the swimming and cycling goals); then my first international distance triathlon

May actual totals:
Swimming: 6048 yards (93% of planned, 103% of April, less than one workout from target)
Cycling: 91.4 miles (only 60% of planned, 83% of April, not good!)
Running: 40.2 miles (only 61% of planned, 80% of April, also not good!)
7 days of brick workouts in 2 disciplines, but none consecutive.
10 days on vacation.
Finished my first Olympic distance triathlon.

Here, I'll just say what you're probably thinking: Q: How the heck are you going to do a half ironman on that kind of miserable biking and running mileage, girl? A: Any way I can.

June goal:
Finish half Ironman distance triathlon.

That's the only goal that I'm putting down in concrete for June - it's too late now to do much training for Eagleman, and I don't want to make the mistake of trying to make up for lost time at the last minute. I'll reassess my summer workout goals some time after June 12th. Actually, June 13th is when my fall marathon training begins, so I'm going to have to start ratcheting up the running numbers during the summer! I'll also have to decide what summer and fall triathlons or cycling events I want to enter, if any. I've already got the Baltimore Marathon (October 15) and the New York City Marathon (November 6) on the fall calendar.

I know lots of folks hit their training mileage/yardage goals like clockwork, and do their training plans to the letter. I'm not one of those people, I have come to learn. But I can certainly do better in meeting my goals than I have this month. I've been doing my workouts "on the fly" instead of planning them carefully on the calendar, which could help.

Perhaps another June goal should be to carefully and realistically plan my July workouts?


Comm's said...

I am kinda like you. I have big goals and I am dogged to hit them but not set to them like its a quota that can't be missed. I really like how you did a percentage to quota and may toy with it myself.

I was reading Going Long today and in the first chapters is say anyone can finish an ironman if they have one thing:will. So why not apply that to an 1/2IM

IMmike said...

Don't forget that the key to all this endurance hoopla is consistency, which you have. Even if you aren't hitting all your targets you are training pretty regularly and with good frequency (only 10 vacation days).

That's great about your 2 marathons. I would love to do NYC one day.

Vertical Man said...

That's the spirit!

Phil said...

Yeah, but I bet you probably changed 150% of planned diapers (how many of those were back-to-back -- talk about brick workout!), and I bet you were kept up 140% of the planned nights with troubled tots, and had to kiss 140% more bo-bo's than planned.

nancytoby said...

LOL! Thanks for the reminder of what really matters, Phil. You all rock. :)

Downhillnut said...

C'est la vie! I used to stick to plans a lot more than I do now. I think when I'm attempting something that I perceive as BIG and SCARY I stick to plans a little more closely.

Phil's right though - Motherhood brings on a level of stamina that transcends mere exercise!

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