Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Gear

My triathlete friend Linae tells me that new gear makes you go faster.


So I asked her, "How much gear do I need to buy to get myself up to average speeds?"

Today, as part of the get-faster plan, I ordered a new wetsuit. I told my husband that I would get hypothermia and DROWN if I didn't get one, and our daughters would be Momless, so finally he was beaten into submission. (Actually, he was very sympathetic). Here it is, a DeSoto T1 Black Pearl 2-piece triathlon wetsuit:

DeSoto Black Pearl
DeSoto Black Pearl

Won't that look hard-core, like a Bond Girl or Catwoman? Actually I'm merely hoping that it will help prevent some of the problems that I experienced in my sucky swim at the Columbia Triathlon, namely being short of breath and feeling like my throat and chest were being constricted.

I'm also going for a practice open water swim in Cambridge, Maryland on Saturday in the Choptank River near the site for the Eagleman Triathlon, organized by Jude Apple and some of our kindly local Eastern Shore triathlete neighbors. Water temperatures there look like they're bouncing between 65*F and 70*F. Plus now I'll be able to practice in the outdoor pools - starting this coming weekend they're finally open and they're going to be COLD!

Hopefully those two steps will help alleviate some of my swim issues.


Flatman said...

Just wondering...why did you opt for the two-piece, instead of a full suit? I am in the process of researching for myself, and was wondering what the pros and cons of two vs. one pieces...

That is a bad-ass looking suit though! You will be batgirl!

Shelley said...


Phil said...

Excellent Strategy!

"Honey, I'll drown if I don't have one, and then the kids will be Fatherless!" I'm going to try that one tonight!

If that fails, "But Hon, all the Cool Bloggers have one!"

*** Renewed enthusiasm in my quest for a wetsuit ***

nancytoby said...

Woo, I graduated to become one of the COOL BLOGGERS now! ;) I feel so ... popular! LOL!

Wil said...

Wow - wouldn't have thought of that kind of a suit - but cool! I wonder if it will take more or less time in T1. With a one piece you take half of it off in the water - guess you could do that with this one, too, but you'd have to carry the top then.

ruth-e said...

wow. cool!

Comm's said...

Your the best, always thinking of all the angles then using them to your best interests.

You little devious thing you. That wetsuit ploy was so....husbandy.