Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What was I thinking?

... to schedule my first Olympic-distance triathlon 6 days after getting back from vacation? A vacation that involved little exercise and (of course) gaining a few pounds?

Pam's race report and the accompanying photos were a nice reminder to me about why I do triathlons. It's not every day that one gets to experience such exhilaration!

Maybe I'll just think of it as an enforced taper, like Wil's illness before her marathon.

Not to mention that I also received a Sign From God today: I laid my hands on Buttercup's front wheel sensor and lo, her bike computer was healed. Thus it shall be.


Downhillnut said...

Good to see you're thinking positively about your "taper". I'm thinking your body will be all rested up and gung ho to kick butt. Welcome back from your trip!

Wil said...

You're going to kick butt! Keep the positive attitude!