Sunday, May 08, 2005

Day 2 Road Trip: Mothers' Day

We got up early on a gorgeous day at Cape Henlopen State Park and took a walk a little ways down one of the trails – Elisabeth in a back pack and Catherine walking on her own. We went past a few concrete-and-earthen hulks left over from the WWII defense of the entrance to Delaware Bay – magazines, perhaps?

Then out to the overlook of the bay, where a disintegrating WWII concrete structure stands with a commanding view over the water below. The circular gun emplacements were still apparent on the ground.

Then we drove over to the ferry departure point and within 20 minutes I was driving our big rig onto the Lewes – Cape May Ferry. It was a beautiful day for the one-hour crossing, although the boat had quite a roll. I bought a cap for Steve, a lanyard for the keys to our rig, and a little change purse for my electrolyte caps for triathlons.

We were one of the first ones to roll off since we were one of the larger vehicles on board, so it was probably our quickest crossing yet. We drove through Cape May (where we have enjoyed vacationing several times) but didn’t stop, just kept rolling north up the Garden State Parkway.

The rest of the drive was fairly uneventful, and within a few hours we were unloading the girls at Grandpa’s house and foisting them off on him while we dressed for dinner.

Steve took me out to a lovely local restaurant for Mother’s Day dinner which we enjoyed in peace and quiet, accompanied by several glasses of wine. Naturally we couldn’t help ourselves, we talked about the girls even in their absence.

We came back and our girls got good report cards from Grandpa, we gathered them up into “Minnie” parked outside and bedded down for the night.

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