Monday, May 02, 2005

Monthly summary

I'm going to follow the excellent example set by esteemed fellow bloggers Dawn, Linda, and others and start publishing my monthly summaries and goals. Readers may want to skip these posts, but I find that a hard, public, "no excuses" look at the numbers helps keep me honest and committed in my training, which otherwise tends to be somewhat invisible (other than in my personal Excel workout log and my race results). The ultimate goal is to do more on a regular basis than I currently tend to believe is possible.

For the sake of accuracy in reporting, I should note that my cycling mileage includes both outdoor and bike trainer miles, and running mileage includes treadmill and outdoor running and some walking.

April totals
Swimming: 5846 yards (5346 m)
Cycling: 109 miles (175 km)
Running: 50 miles (80 km)
Included: Completed 1 sprint triathlon, 1 ten-mile race

May goals
Swimming: 6500 yards
Cycling: 150 miles
Running: 65 miles
Include: Complete five consecutive days of double workouts; 10 days on vacation (to be truthful, I'm not sure this is compatible with the swimming and cycling goals); then my first international distance triathlon

Body weight. I haven't yet gotten to the point in non-anonymous blogging that I want to publish my body weight online, but maybe I'll get to the extreme point of adding that some day. :-) I do want to lose weight, though - suffice it to say that my ultimate nirvana goal weight is 59 pounds less than I weigh today.

Upcoming events. I've also added a list of my upcoming "A" races in the right-hand column to help keep my "eyes on the prize". Well, actually the prize is a healthy, happy, productive, active, long life; but being able to complete endurance events is certainly a fun bonus.


Flatman said...

You get mega-props for posting goals and past workout totals in my book. It takes a lot of gut to actually tell us what you are totalling, not just saying "I did a long run last night." This statement won't include that someone skipped the previous 6 workouts he/she had planned! I need to do this myself, so as to be accountable to everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I fought with myself about posting my weight, but realized that I could fudge it and disregard that it's ooching up unless I did. I try to include more details about how my workouts were, but it's enough for me to post most days. I have my goals on my refrigerator!

I love seeing what everyone else is up to, and I am amazed at anyone who can swim, bike and run!! And two or more on the same day?! Wow!


LouBob said...

I like to know how someone else(especially you and Dawn because we are around the same age)is doing. It's not a competitive thing (at least I hope not) but I think if you can do it, I can at least try to do the same. I a chicken about posting my weight yet too. Woohoo to Dawn though!