Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tri-mom Squared does IMFL2006?

That's my new nickname bestowed by the Tri-geek Kahuna. I love it! Perhaps we can ask the Kahuna and/or Head Doc to provide us each with our own personal training mantras as well?

It looks like the movement towards the 2006 Ironman Florida (henceforth known as IMFL) is gathering steam among the blogging triathletes. Kahuna has a lineup of at least eleven who are planning or will be arm-twisted into entering. It is SO much more fun and helpful and motivating to train with a group - and for me often stuck at home, those groups are usually online - so I'm becoming enthusiastic about participating with this bunch in my first attempt at becoming an IRONMAN.

(Editorial aside: As a long-term proponent of gender-neutral language, I have long thought about the term Ironman and whether we should apply it to women. While I would like something which conveys the magnitude of the accomplishment that is more appropriate for female people, my friend Beth the Iron_Chick made the point that the women go out and do exactly the same course as the men in the same conditions and under the same time limits - and so should rightfully be granted the same title.)

My only major niggling doubt right now about IMFL (naturally, with a good head on my shoulders, I have a multitude of minor niggling doubts about setting off on such a colossal venture, they crop up like tribbles) is whether I'll be able to get my entry in before it closes. You see, on entry day November 6, 2005, I will be enjoying a little jog through the five boroughs of New York with 34,999 of my closest friends. Hopefully I can get someone to submit my entry for me, because these "m-dot" events fill fast. Plus I have a few little preliminary events to complete and some minor touch-up training to fine-tune my performance before I go. And maybe I'll even get to the point where the whole idea of going 140.6 miles under my own power in less than 17 hours doesn't scare me shitless.



soccerdad said...

meeting everyone at imfl in '06 certainly sounds great. but even though kahuna has me listed as "in", i'm not sure. logistically, immoo (wisconsin) makes so much more sense. it's closer, the family would be able to go, etc... we'll see.
i'm sure you can come up with someone to sign you up if you can't do it. heck, i'll do it for you! just ask. don't let a little thing like that keep you from your dream!

nancytoby said...

Thanks, Soccerdad! I'm going to try to get my husband to do it, but ... the registration fee is probably going to be around $400+. Not what somebody wants to put on their charge cards every day....!!!

Wil said...

I'm in the same boat at Soccerdad -IMWI is much closer and the family can come. But, I'm still tri-ing to get things worked out for IMFL -we'll see!