Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lessons from today's bike ride

Today's bike ride: 30.0 miles, average 14.3 mph (including two one-mile trips through town at about 5 mph behind the tourist cars, using all my cyclist survival tricks).

Things that I must remember before Eagleman:
  • Don't let anyone tell you differently: 56 miles is a long freaking way on a bike.
  • More sunblock on forearms. In aero position they're perpendicular to the sun. Duh.
  • Adjust derailleur so the gears don't slip.
  • You NEED to wear your real bike shorts, not some flimsy tri-suit. Trust me on this.
  • Lube, lube, lube.
  • Cutout saddles rule.
  • Even saddles that fit well require time to get accustomed.
  • Wind at your back never sufficiently compensates for headwinds.
  • Flat terrain rules.
  • If you have 3 bottles and 3 bottle cages, and use one hand to steer, there's no way to swap around the empties without either stopping or dropping a bottle.
  • Cut up Powerbars melt into a solid mass on a hot day. Don't bother cutting them up.
  • Those big-ring piercings on the back of your right calf are going to make a really cool scar one day.
  • Shelley cycles 5 hours in a day and calls it "beautiful". Shelley is a stud and is going to Kona. You're no Shelley.
  • You'll never be a hot cyclist as long as the kid biking to work in his waiter clothes (long-sleeved white shirt, long black pants) and full backpack can blow right past you.
  • Saintsbury Pinot Noir rules.


TriFeist said...

Saintsbury is cool but I prefer Benton Lane Reserve Pinot Noir.

If it makes you feel better, I have big ring scars on my foot. Don't ask.

Shelly is a stud but you will still finish Eagleman.

Downhillnut said...

Hah! "the kid biking to work in his waiter clothes"!

Yes, split seats are amazing! and thanks for the other tips, I hope I need them someday.

Flatman said...

Hey, hold your empty bottle in your teeth, then transfer the full one to the right holder. Then take the empty from your teeth and put it where it goes...

You'll do great at Eagleman!

Vertical Man said...

Boy, you are SO right about 56 miles being a long way to bike. Hang in there!

mid-pack mom said...

Good job on the loooooong bike ride! kirsten

Holly said...

Who told you 56 miles on the bike wasn't a long way?

You are alrady a "hot" TRIATHLETE, why aspire to be just a cyclist?

You may not be Shelley (who , I agree is quite the IM Studdette) but you are definately NANCY and you will do AWESWOME at Eagleman!

Way to get your milage in this weekend!

bari said...

I'm glad that it's not only on my cheap entry-level bike that the gears slip. That drives me nuts! You're riding at just about my speed, Nancy -- we'd do great together!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Flatman is funny...

Love your lessons learned. You forgot.

--No matter what happens I still have my sense of humor!

Wil said...

Don't sweat Eagleman! You're going to be awesome (and don't feel bad about the water bottle thing - I always manage to barely avoid hitting a tree or something when I switch out mine - great tip Flatman!)

LouBob said...

Great sense of humour you have but still they're great tips!